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Oekaki Apps Won't Run in Firefox

I got a new laptop and I have installed firefox and java, and yet everything I try seems not to work. I put my security to the lowest I can (High), as I am unable to switch it to medium as it doesn't appear to be an option anymore, added » link and even » link and yet even with that the applet will not run. It had said that the Application Blocked by Java Security. "For security, applications must now meet the requirements for the High or Very High security settings, or be part of the Exception Site List, to be allowed to run", it says, even though I had attempted to put the website into the Exception Site List. I am not sure why oekaki is not working for me, and I am not sure how to resolve this problem. For each application available I tried, the same thing happens.

Nevermind, after fixing the URLs a little (i made a typo), and restarting the browser, it has appeared that Oekaki apps now run. Sorry for posting this, I would delete but I do not know how.
budgieboo Author: budgieboo
Added: 23:12, 9 Dec 2015
Modified: 23:23, 9 Dec 2015
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