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java blocking applets

doreet777 Author: doreet777
Added: 07:30, 30 Dec 2015
Modified: 07:30, 30 Dec 2015




Did you add http :// (without space between 'p' and ':' ) to your Exception Site List in Java Control Panel? (to do this, you need to go to your Control Panel -> open Java Control Panel -> go to Security tab -> click "Edit Site List.." button -> click "Add" and add oekaki site to exceptions)
#1 gantzer - 14:52, 30 Dec 2015 - Last changed: 14:53, 30 Dec 2015


this and additionally » link - mind the slash at the end
#2 cml - 17:39, 30 Dec 2015


OK,so far,on all the art sites that must use JAVA,MOST OF THEM NO LONGER WORK.==NO LONGER FUNCTION.AND I have updated Java,I have done everything that all instructions command.And most of the Java sites do not work.If there are tiny details,here,that I am not getting correct, please spell them out exactly.--exactly.Please do not think that I already know what you are talking about.If I have to completely replace the whole address in "exceptions" in Java,cause mine is not correct, please be exact.I used to be able to use Java here,but no Java is working for me on other sites.I followed the instructions on the tutorial---not make any difference. DO I HAVE TO NOW USE INTERNET EXPLORER? LAST TIME I used it,tons of spyware and BUGS clobbered my computer!I don't want to use IE AGAIN.---EVER AGAIN. WHAT INSTRUCTIONS have I not done correctly here,please? Thank you.-(I will try anything.)--doreet777
#3 doreet777 - 06:38, 8 Jun 2017
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