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  1. Oekaki na smoczym is divided to some separate boards. Submit your art to a board that is equal to level and type of your work. For example don't submit any non-manga art to manga board. All works submitted on boards are rated by users and moderators.
  2. All training art (testing program's functions etc.) should be saved only on "Tira" board.
  3. Other board users are living people. Don't use swear-words or offend anyone. Do not "troll".
  4. Don't spam.
  5. Don't use board like chat.
  6. Don't copy other people's work or photos.
    ATTENTION: Works with refs or catched as copy (1:1) WON'T ever reach Keara or Inne board. You have been warned..
  7. If you are drawing something, do it as best as you can. Art reflects author's personality.
  8. Admin's decisions are irrefutable.
  9. Any abusive art will be deleted permanently.
  10. Author decides which of his works are "18+" (Adult only).
  11. Old and short art from Tira board will be deleted by moderators. (Old: older than 3 months, short: Drawing time shorter than 10 mins).
  12. Adding someone to collab without permission of this person is prohibited. "Unexpected" co-author can report this work for permanent deletion.
  13. Breaking into other user account means BAN.