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Problem with java / tablet

While drawing my tablet hangs up from time to time and draws straight lines or aplet resets/my picture doesn't want to upload.

Using wacom bamboo one I solved the problem in this way:

I went to control panel -> add/remove programs and I deleted all versions of java which I've ever had (attention: please delete java enterprise edition, or whatever you have and java update too!). In addition I deleted every single folder connected with java to avoid problems.

Next step is to delete jtablet and wacom drivers - here, I deleted all folders with tablet drivers manually.

When you have deleted everything and made sure that you did it propely you must install everything back. The point is to download everything, not to use the drivers/java already downloaded. First you must install java without extracts, pure JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Next you must install tablet drivers, but pay attention: do not use cd added to your tablet, download it from official tablet site. If you did the work propely, then install jtablet, or just draw and try if everything's working. If not, read the article once again and make sure that you did everything step-by-step, you can also try a few times, but it can be the fault of your browser or too weak processor. Oekaki's designed to work in mozilla.

New version of java can be really useful, just make sure if you deleted previous version of java, pay attention what you download.

Problem solved by Arshana

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Added: 17:33, 17 Jul 2009
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hi. i already deleted old java, reinstalled new java, yer site still won't take java; it blocks the apps here; i can get on chicken smoothie, Rydia, a few; i just registered; is there a lag in time, till it works? thank you very much, great loojking site!!! :)
#1 doreet777 - 04:02, 29 Dec 2015


have you read this tutorial? » link
its about removing java cache
alternatively » link
#2 cml - 08:10, 29 Dec 2015
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