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Windows 64bit and tablet lag

Before I begin I would like to remind you that you should restart your computer whenever prompted to do so - do not ignore the messages, as it might bork up our work.

First of all you must be absolutely certain that you have the correct drivers for the correct operating system. There's little chance drivers for a Graphire3 tablet under Vista 32 will work correctly if you have a Graphire4 and are running Vista 64. (If you're not sure which operating system you have, check it under Start -> My Computer -> System properties, and there it'll say under system type if you have a 32-bit system, or a 64-bit system.) Remember that a proper install should be clean, which means you must remove all previous driver versions and the folders in which they were located.

What causes the lag is a little app called Tablet PC, which is installed automatically with most tablet drivers for Vista. This little app on one hand allows you to use a virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition, but on the other makes drawing in oekaki very difficult. Although it has its own sub-menu in the Start menu, it's not present in the "Remove or change program" menu, ale to remove it, you have to remove all of the tablet drivers. There's no option of installing the drivers without Tablet PC, either. What you should do is search around for the correct drivers without Tablet PC, or install the full package and disable Tablet PC.

How to switch off Tablet PC:

Enter the Control panel, and from there choose Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off, and there you uncheck Tablet PC Optional Components. Your computer will think for a while, then ask to be restarted.

Also, a handy tip concerning "dynamic visual effects", or the annoying little rings that appear on screen whenever you tap the pen against the tablet and obscure our drawing in the oekaki applet: Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Pen and Input -> Pen Options, where we uncheck all four ringy effects. I'd also recommend you disable "flicks", which is the first checkbox in the "Flicks" tab ("Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily"). Why should this stay switched off? Sometimes you're drawing away, oblivious to the world, and you pull the pen too vigorously beyond the applet - and then our browser thinks you're doing a "flick" and goes back, or refreshes the page, or does something equally unpleasant...

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Added: 21:38, 23 Sep 2009
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Niestety na Moim Windows7 Ultimate i Wacom Volio2 to nie działa. Ciągle pojawiaja się ogromne zastoje w rysowaniu tak jakby te efekty były ale nie było ich widać :/
Może ma ktoś 7 i Volito2 i wie jak rozwiązać ten problem? Tablet jest juz stary więc się nie zdziwię, że nie współpracuje z niektórymi systemami zgodnie.
#1 Merki - 14:42, 4 Jun 2010
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