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regarding Dragondesign contest picture

Hello there folks,

I ran into problems with the lil dragondude I wanted to finalise/Colorise in 'Megan's dragondesign contest.
I believe the whole pic became too big in MB or sumthng and after undoing some steps I took, some refreshing probs occured, leaving some of my colorlayers empty and the more I tried around the more I lost of my work - well, I somehow got it to upload at least the lineart you can see at the latest Version.
But I can't load it anymore to do the coloring again.

So my question; is it ok with you contestants and/or voters that I may finish the coloring stuff in an external program and upload it into the contest ??

It'd be really appreciated.
Otherwise I need to leave it like this. What should be sufficient - cause the design is finished.. but isn't that appealing without any coloring.

Hope u guys understand.
Greets J.Doe
JohnDoe Author: JohnDoe
Added: 19:31, 23 Mar 2012
Modified: 19:31, 23 Mar 2012
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